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Essentially a website or SEO audit is ‘the’ first activity we perform before starting any SEO campaign. A website audit is series of carefully conducted tests or validations to understand how your website fares in various technical, UX, social media and in more than 20+ aspects that an ideal website should be complying with.

Another important thing to note here is that we will be conducting a manual audit based on our experience, standard practices that helped many client websites to drastically improve their search engine rankings by sharing the analysis and recommendations.

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Why Should You Get your Website Audited?
Any thorough SEO campaign should start with a detailed analysis of your website’s current standings as far as technical and UX side of benchmarks. Failing to conducts these tests and not gaining those granular details about technical issues can result in a waste of time/resources/money in working on wrong strategies and any further SEO campaigns might not yield the desired results.

Did You Know?

90% of Our Customers Started With a Website SEO Audit.

Things We Cover in Website Audit
20+ Actionable Findings
  • Identify your website’s metrics such as domain authority, page authority, Alexa rankings, etc.
  • Number of indexed pages of your website in search engines such as Google
  • Number of search keywords your website is ranking Top pages that are ranking in search engines
  • Technical analysis of your website (broken pages, HTML errors, etc)
  • Social media presence analysis
  • Verifying robots.txt to identify blocking of any pages
  • Verifying Google My Business page
  • User Experience Testing (UX) & recommendations
  • Backlink spam analysis – Identifying if there are toxic links pointing to your site and share those details with you
  • Content quality analysis – Quality score and recommendations for improvements
  • Checking URL Structure
  • Schema markup validations
  • Verifying preferred domain settings
  • Verifying SSLs
  • Recommending the basic pages that a website should consists
  • Identifying geographic positioning of your website Traffic reports & benchmarks

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